Sunday, September 2, 2012

Retirement Planning: Guardia Sanframondi Update

A couple days ago Clare Galloway alerted her loyal HHI fans obsessed with Guardia Sanframondi to a short article on the town website. I've bolded a couple interesting parts. Translated here by Google+:

Following the telecast U.S. House Hunters International, turned to the Guard in April last year and aired in America on August 14, which had as its protagonist Clare Galloway, Scottish artist who for more than a year living in the town, the municipality Guard received 40 requests for American citizens interested in the quaint village Sunni. Main location of the program was the old town with its beauties, property and places it has to offer and that's where the protagonist of the documentary, said the reasons which led it to change their lives, leaving Scotland and moved Guardia.Meanwhile, the municipality has set up a special office at the Town Hall Sanframondi Guard to respond to multiple requests for information to buy property from abroad and to acquire the availability for sale by the owners of the buildings of the old town. To coordinate the project the architect Luca Sebastianelli, which states: "This is an intervention aimed primarily to repopulate the historic center Guardiese and, therefore, to enhance it in its historical and artistic aspects that characterize it.'s Office has activated this service monitoring of different types of accommodation through the identification of summaries of possible properties to reuse, to include in the initiative and, eventually, to buy. " 
Meanwhile, the Scottish artist Clare Galloway, who through his story in the American television program has generated considerable interest among U.S. citizens, will act as interpreter and coordinator for all those who come to visit the historical center. The Scottish artist, also points out: "After the broadcast is aired in America, I have received many requests for more information on how you live in the Guard, uses and costumes, as they were very attracted by the lifestyle I am living in the town Guardiese, In fact, the atmosphere and the tranquility of the picturesque old town of Guardia, has taken over the chaotic life of the city. "For more information write to the following e-mail:

Although this article makes it sound like Clare has an official role in the business, she really doesn't (see here comment below).

And just to remind those of us who tend to get over-excited... Clare lived in Guardia for more than a year fixing up the Arthouse before HHI came to make the show. Buying and renovating a home that has been vacant for decades would be a huge project in one's home town, let alone Italy.

Update: The Guardia Sanframondi episode of HHI will repeat October 11, 2012.
Update 2: Please see Clare's comment below.


  1. Just to point out: I am acting as an inbetween in only some cases, mostly focussing on my paying guests who are staying in my B&B room. I am absolutely not acting as a coordinator or intepretor, unless I am paid to do so! I've been on the computer since 14th August, replying to peoples' queries about the place, but will have to switch off soon, to get back to my paid work, my painting and arthouse project, and to prepare for guests arriving soon!

  2. Please accept my apologies. I definitely should have contacted you regarding your role before posting.

    And I fully agree - you should be getting paid :-)



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