Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Vegas Baby! - Tuesday

Once or twice a year Beth and I make a run out to Las Vegas. We're not big time gamblers or anything like that but we like good food and enjoy the occasional Cirque du Soliel show.  Las Vegas is packed with both. We try to schedule our trips in the "down times"since Beth is a nurse and has to work around holidays. This year Thanksgiving weekend met her criteria, and also happened to include "The Game". So without further ado...


On time, completely full flight from Philly to Vegas - pretty much as usual. Grabbed a shuttle to our hotel (the super cheap Imperial Palace, soon to be known as "The Quad"). Check in took about 15 minutes. Caesars joints still hand out a "Fun Book". These days it's a sheet of coupons that looks like this:

After a shower to wash off the airplane funk we wandered down to the casino for some not terrible but not great video poker. (the best low roller VP in Caesars joints is 8/5 JoB).

By about 4:30 (7:30 Philly time) we're getting hungry so we wandered across LVB to Caesars to check out their new buffet. Everything you've read about Bacchanal is true. It is, hands down, the best buffet in Las Vegas. It's also expensive. $42.99 per person for dinner. We got there at 5:00 and there were only a couple people in line ahead of us.

So what's so great about it? Here are some starters:

Dim Sum
Healthy Shit
 And of course there's lots of other goodies like pasta, and meatball sliders:

And of course meat:

Obviously they have loads of Italian and Asian stuff. They also have a more interesting than usual Mexican area that incorporates a big rotating comal (yeah, it's the same gadget they use in those "Mongolian" grills):

Mongol "Comal"
 Now everyone always wants seafood - specifically shrimp and crab legs:

They also have regular boiled shrimp
Chilled here - just ask and they'll heat 'em up...
And finally desserts... This is where Bacchanal really steps up:

By far the best desserts in a Las Vegas buffet. If you're a first timer to Las Vegas and want to do the buffet thing, Caesars is the buffet to hit.

More tomorrow...

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