Sunday, April 13, 2014

Gardening 2014 - Almost Ready!

About $50 from Lowe's
This year we upgraded our grow light to a four tube unit. It's made a solid difference in how our seedlings look.
Just potted up March 22

and moved to the porch today to start hardening off a bit:
April 13
There are 4 varieties in there: Cuore di Bue, Scipio Ibrido, and red and yellow currant tomatoes. The currant tomatoes will go into containers and the other two will be planted in the usual way.

Tomatillo - 1 or 4
We've also got tomatillos and Brussels Sprouts. The sprouts will go out Tuesday as long as it doesn't rain too much.

Soon my sweeties, soon...
The soil is still pretty wet but we've got the three main beds cleaned up and the drip system set up for the Bussels Sprouts:

4 drip lines for 4 Brussels Sprout plants. That part that looks dry is about 1/4" thick.
I'm not sure what will go in front of them yet. Maybe a few little rows of beets.

Last Year's Zucchini

The little area where the zucchini grew last year is being re-conditioned by a landscape company in a couple weeks. There was just too much bamboo root residue in there to make it practical for this old gardener to dig out on his own. That area will get the non-container tomatoes. They're also re-arranging things on the north, very shady, side of the house and adding a little herb garden area by the front door.

Zucchini will go in the front yard - it faces south west and with the layout of the street and houses it gets plenty of sun. We've also got several winter squash varieties and a couple types of peppers to find space for. Of course the lettuce rail we made out of a rain gutter will be filled again.

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