Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Vacation Guy Part 5: Pix

Eugene Atget, Sceaux, 1925
I've been a sort of amateur photography buff since about 1970 when my mom trusted me with her Minolta SRT-101 on a Junior Classical League trip to Italy. About 12 years ago Will made the same trip (Hurray LATIN!) and Beth and I took the opportunity to visit Paris. There we ran across an exhibition of Eugene Atget's photographs. You can Google up all sorts of details about his life and work - for me his work defines transition from 19th to 20th centuries in Paris. Much of what he photographed would soon be lost to the new urbanism. However, he also spent a good deal of time in the country, photographing trees, lakes, and other natural scenes.

So... since I'm on vacation I thought I'd meander around the neighborhood and make some photographs. Unlike Atget, I don't have a big ol' glass plate view camera (or his talent and skills). But I do have this:

Yep. A Holga. The cheesiest camera ever made. There's a sort of cult following for these suckers and their sister machine, the Russian made Lomo. I'm loading up with some Ilford Delta 400 and Kodak Tri-X that's been in our freezer for years.

We live in an old "first ring" suburb - the border of Philadelphia is about three blocks from here so there's plenty of mature landscaping and interesting buildings within a short walk.

I'll process 'em tomorrow. With a little luck my old Epson 4870 flatbed scanner will work with OS X 10.7...

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