Monday, April 30, 2012


Buttercup Brie & Brie Nangis

After discovering the Fair Food Farmstand @RdgTerminalMkt during the Greater Philadelphia Food Stamp Challenge I had to go back and start tasting some of the local cheeses on offer. Tonight I picked up a couple of rather wonderful products: Cherry Grove Farm's Buttercup Brie and Linden Dale Farm's Dalencay.

The Buttercup Brie is the perfect cheese to serve folks who claim they don't like "stinky cheese". It's soft and lactic and has only a hint of the classical "brie mushroom" flavor. Rather surprisingly, it stood up well against the Brie Nangis (from Downtown Cheese) with it's own sweet personality - a sort of charming cousin to it's more aggressive French relative.

Dalencay Goat Cheese
The Delancy ash rind goat cheese is another creature altogether. The slightly scary ash rind conceals an wonderfully melting core of mild goat cheese that overwhelms any bitterness from the ash - just dig in.

Both are available in limited quantities so swing by after work and grab some.

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