Thursday, April 5, 2012

Philadelphia Food Stamp Challenge 2012

Beth and I have talked about doing this in the past and this year we're going to go for it. The rules are pretty simple: $64.40 for 2 people for a week not including spices and condiments. Our goals (in addition meeting the basic rules) are a little more complicated:
  • Make nutritionally sensible meals
  • Make interesting meals with as much variety as possible
  • Come in under $64.40 for the week
Most of our fellow Philadelphians eat meals that are far too high in fats and far too low in fiber with large servings of animal protein and virtually no vegetables. So we're going to be going for high fiber, relatively low fat (and much of that from olive oil), vegetables, fruit, rational size servings of protein, and all the spices we can work in.

We've got two weeks to plan...


  1. Replies
    1. That's the plan.

      We don't usually pay too much attention to what food actually costs so this weekend we're going to collect some baseline data.



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