Saturday, April 21, 2012

Gardening 2012 - Planting Part 2

Peppers & Eggplant

The peppers and eggplant are going into the new "front" bed. The bed was prepared just like the "upper" bed: composted manure and peat moss thoroughly dug in. In this bed we're using black plastic - it's just the regular plastic sheeting that comes in a 25 foot roll. As with the red mulch, it's held down by landscape staples. As you can see from the picture the bed doesn't yet get full sun until early afternoon.

The Pepper & Eggplant Bed - 11:30 AM
Eggplant is particularly sensitive to soil temperature so we've been waiting for the soil temperature to reach 65 F. This morning it hit 66 F so in they go:

One week later...


The zucchini are in our little trouble spot. For the last 6 years we had a really nice bamboo grove there. Bamboo is beautiful. I thought I'd picked the right variety. The website claimed it would only grow  8-10 feet tall and was easily controlled. HA! After a couple years the culms were taller than the house - maybe 20 feet or so and when we got a big snow storm in early 2011, the weight of the snow on the branches almost brought down our cable/phone/internet wires. So we cut 'em down. And we've been gradually exterminating the remaining bits ever since.

So out came (most of) the bamboo rhizomes and culms, in went manure and peat moss, topped with more black plastic and away we go:

Zucchini Transplants


The tomatoes seem happy in their red plastic beds, the cima di rapa is thriving and the onion sets are beginning to show some new growth.  The first batch of Swiss chard has sprouted and will have to be thinned sometime this coming week. the peas have come up too, though their germination was spottty. The seeds are a year old, so that packet will hit the trash.

The only flop so far has been the beets. Once again, a year old packet, though when I tested them they germinated very well. We'll replant with fresh seed this weekend. We'll also put in another planting of cima di rapa. 

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