Wednesday, April 25, 2012

#foodstampchallenge Tuesday Wrapup

According to Mrs. C, I'm grumpy. There's a sort of continuous underlying sense of frustration about what I can't have. This morning TastyCake was handing out free mini-donuts at the bus stop. I nobly declined, recalling the suggestion to avoid free food. So now I'm craving sugar...
Anyway, Tuesday we ate:

Bill                                 Beth                 
8 Oz Milk      $0.23                 1 oz Cereal   $0.11
                                     8 Oz Milk     $0.23 
Eggplant Pasta $1.25                Chicken Salad  $1.03
1 Apple        $0.97                1 Banana       $0.33

Tuna Curry     $1.03                Tuna Curry     $1.03
8 oz Milk      $0.23
Total          $3.71                               $2.95

I got up too late to make breakfast so that made morning a little slow. I also can't seem to remember to cut up a couple carrots or celery stalks to bring to work as snacks. Maybe tomorrow.

What we have left:

Rather than do the full list, this is what we're going to run out of by Sunday:

Eggs - We still have 11, but I'm going to use up 4 this evening and we still have 4 days to go.
Fruit - there are 6 pieces left, 3 apples and 3 bananas. 4 days times 2 people = 8 pieces.

Random Thoughts:

Before this week I considered 2 liters of water about normal daily consumption. Yesterday I ended up just short of 4 liters at the office and drank another 2 at home. I suspect that almost everyone doing the challenge is drinking nowhere near enough water.

In reading some of the other patricipants' posts it's also apparent that many of us have no idea of what a "normal serving" actually is. Some examples:

Pasta - 2 ounces dry. 8 servings in a 1 pound box. 2 cups of sauce will dress a full box.
Fruit - 1 of whatever it is for big things, 1/2 cup for small things like grapes.
Vegetables - 1/2 cup
Protein - 3-4 ounces. If you're looking at typical grocery store industrial chicken breast half you're looking at about 8 ounces or more (industrial chickens are freaking mutants). That's two servings from 1 breast half. Our chicken salad ended up yielding 4 servings from 3 leg quarters.

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